Great Lakes Dredge and Dock (Public company):

David Holm VP IT- Doug Nichols was a key resource in our ERP migration. Doug guided our internal functional teams along with our ERP deployment team in the migration of 3 unique companies each with distinct accounting and payroll applications into Viewpoint. His extensive knowledge of the Viewpoint application and his experience with ERP migrations was invaluable to our team. Doug's experience and knowledge of accounting, project management and data conversion along with his tireless efforts to do what is needed to get the job done, make him a real asset to anyone embarking on an ERP migration to Viewpoint. 

 Cathy Hoffman – Director of Financial Systems - Working with Doug over the last 3+ years, my company has recently completed the last of our Viewpoint implementations (we started with our subsidiaries, then our main companies). Doug is dedicated, hard-working and very patient. He provided much needed guidance and knowledge about the software, as well as the implementation process overall. We had some complex and unique requirements, and Doug was able to help us create solutions that work.

In addition to providing us with guidance, Doug also helped us build our own knowledge and confidence, which will allow us to move forward on our own after the implementation, yet another key to a successful implementation.

Doug is a consummate professional, who was able to work with people of all levels within our organization. Although he comes from an accounting background, he was able to understand and appreciate questions and requests from all branches of our organization--operational, technical and financial.

Doug has a very positive attitude, which helped us persevere through the expected ups and downs of a large implementation. His manner allowed us to get to the heart of a matter, and to find solutions that were the best for our company. Everyone I met who has worked with Doug in the past (Viewpoint personnel, outside consultants, clients) has had nothing but positive things to say about Doug, and I'm happy to be able to say the same. 

I highly recommend Doug for all aspects of an ERP implementation. I thoroughly respect him and his work. I feel that I can rely on him for his continued support us in the future if need be. And that's a great feeling.

 Robert Lackner – Director of Information Technology at NorthStar Group Services, Inc.

I worked with Doug on our ERP migration project in 2012. It was a long and arduous process made much easier and rewarding thanks to one Doug Nichols. 

The knowledge he possesses of both the process (Design/Testing/Implementation) and the technology is remarkable and paved the way to a successful implementation. I would argue in many areas he knew the technology better than the paid consultants and representatives of the ERP Company, which was a huge deciding factor in selecting Doug to lead this project and he did not disappoint. 

Most of the principles he taught us are still in practice today and the way in which he wrangled the herd (Known as all of our team leaders) is a key reason why I would not hesitate to engage Doug in any future endeavors I need guidance on. The man truly rolls up his sleeves and gets to work. 

A true class act, and I am happy to say we got to know Doug on a bit of a personal level in our many trips back and forth to Boston and he is as good of a person as he is a technology professional. I give him my highest recommendation and would gladly speak to anyone who is interested in using Doug for a consulting project.